We translate humanitarian, financial, economic, political, medical, legal and personal documents. In addition to posters, brochures, manuals, newsletters, business cards, and website contents. We also translate training materials and courses, presentations, multi-sector data collection tools and reports. Not to mention books, literary pieces, articles, and studies.


Being a great need nowadays, we provide transcription services of audio and video materials where we transcribe into text and translate to the required languages. This is done with great care and accuracy to ensure the quality of the transcription and translation following a multi-step process.


We translate the voiceover in documentaries, training videos, CD recordings, presentations, etc. We also guarantee our client the right synchronization between a voiceover and its translation by providing the client with a detailed timetable OR we can bear this burden and add the translation directly to the video after the translation.

Does your brand, product, project or brochure need to be translated into other languages?

We are a team of highly qualified translators who have the right academic background of translation and own the technical and knowledge-based skills required to conduct small and big translation projects.

We value the teamwork and believe in the constant interaction among us and with the client to produce high-quality consistently-translated texts meeting the set deadlines. By this, we also guarantee our clients to discover the weaknesses in their original texts, if any.   

Our team of translators and proofreaders work together to assure a smooth multi-step process of translation.

  • Our translators have the relevant academic certificates to practice this profession
  • Our translators are advanced users of Internet and Microsoft applications
  • Our translators have a long experience in various domains and contexts
  • Our translators maintain confidentiality and respect cultural nuances
  • Our translators respect our clients’ time limitations
  • Our translators are highly interactive and produce one-soul texts   
  • Our translators are great readers

How It Works


We believe a good translation needs to carry the meaning and the tone of the original text, while still remaining culturally sensitive and appropriate to the targeted audience. As we cover sensitive and high-level reports and products, accuracy and deadlines are a must for us. Our process guarantees all this. At ZMRD translate, we have developed and implemented a standardized translation lifecycle. Upon agreement, we work as follows:


Text Analysis
Terminology Research


Assuring quality


Receiving feedback
Amending the text


Final Delivery
Satisfaction Assurance

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